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Microdosing involves taking a minimal dose of some popular hallucinogenic substances. Proponents of microdosing believe that the practice benefits the mind, and research has recently started to explore this possibility.



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Bryant Soul

Everything I have to say is thank You and lots of positivity…

Tyler Harry

I was skeptical at first, to be honest. But that all changed once you let the One-Up Bar do its magic. Overall, great experience. Plus it has a nice dose chart on the back for reference.

Sean Hamzda

In my honest opinion, I consumed a whole Chocolate Bar at about 7.30 pm, not even roughly 10 minutes later I was already starting to feel the effects, and I’m a pretty typical user, so that goes to show you. Anyways, the trip was a great experience lots of learning, the peak for me happened about an hour in or so, I don’t tend to get visuals often when I do consume shroomies, but this time they were very there and I loved it!! Lots of thoughtful ideas. I would recommend to anybody to give them a try, however, if you’re not used to the psych experience quite yet maybe hold off on eating the whole bar! It’s very intense!!! Only one downside; the trip doesn’t last very long! Although some may see that as a good thing, it was such a great trip I wished it lasted longer than 4 hours ish.

Ezra Sandy

Very convenient. I was a bit worried but everything worked out smoothly and the products were great.


Wow, this bar is amazing! My old lady and I took four pieces each and we had a great night. Clean high throughout and no groggy comedown. Watched cartoons and saw color-shifting visuals it was great. Absolutely amazing =D

Should I microdose or take regular doses ?

Microdosing is best for gradual improvements over time. In retrospect, it will have immediate benefits, but you may not notice all of the effects until much later. This is best done when you’re looking to keep a stable daily routine. Regular doses of psychedelics are best taken during a vacation, sabbatical, or other transitional periods, because the insights gained will help sort out your highest priorities and values, and will often cause major shifts in perspective. This is better when you don’t have a routine holding you back, or are ready for a major personal transformation that will impact all parts of your life. Have this in mind while you Buy Psychedelics online right here on PsyCheDeliQs.

Do you ship to Europe ?

We ship to all 50 States and internationally.

Can psychedelic drugs cause a mental breakdown?

In persons who do not struggle with conditions such as psychosis, psychedelics should not cause a ‘mental breakdown,’ per se. Psychedelics can open the mind to the subconscious mind, leading to uncomfortable feelings and themes that may impact the person’s emotional and mental experience.

For example, powerful psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, especially in larger doses, can cause what is referred to as an “ego death” that can be experienced as painful and difficult. However, when experienced under the guidance of a shaman or therapist, even “bad trips” can be healing and transformation tools. LSD and other psychedelics can trigger latent mental conditions such as schizophrenia in those who may be vulnerable to these conditions, so people need to know their family and medical history before trying a psychedelic. Research suggests that LSD can induce psychosis. Psychedelics can interfere with many mental health (and other) medications, so double-check a list of interactions before starting therapy. Buy One Up Chocolate Mushroom Bars on Psychedeliqs.

Where are you located ?

We are located in Portland, Oregon.

How Fast Is Delivery ?

Interstate deliveries take 1-3 business days while international delivery takes 4-7 days.

How Do You Ship ?

We ship through USPS, FedEx, and other discreet delivery agencies.

Do You Accept COD ?

No, we do not accept cash on delivery. All payments must be confirmed before orders are shipped.